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Meiko Ando - Onibaba Picture

In Artword Alternative theatre, April 4-6, 2002

a dance inspired by Butoh, based on the Japanese legend of the demon-woman Onibaba

Choreographed and danced by: Meiko Ando
Music composed and performed by:
Roderick Zalameda (guitar) and Go Hirano (piano and violin)

Visual Projections by:  Judith Sandiford
Produced by: Artword Theatre

Dates: April 4, 5 and 6, 2002
Show Times and Prices:
All shows
at 8 pm: regular $15, student/senior and CADA $10
Tickets: Advance ticket reservations through the St. Lawrence Centre Ticket Line, 416-366-7723,
Artword Theatre opens for ticket sales and pickup ONE HOUR BEFORE A SHOW only.
For more information call Artword Info at 416-408-2783. 

Artword Theatre presents a new dance work April 4, 5 and 6, 2002 by Meiko Ando called Onibaba. Onibaba is inspired by the Butoh style of dance and is based on the traditional Japanese legend of the demon-woman Onibaba. The evening is a collaboration between dancer/choreographer Meiko Ando, musicians Roderick Zalameda and Go Hirano, and visual artist Judith Sandiford.
At the beginning of the story, Onibaba appears as a young woman living a traditional village life. She eventually grows old, sick, loses her mind and dies. After her death, she transforms herself into Onibaba, the demon-woman who lives alone in the remote part of the mountains. As she wakes up from her long sleep in the hollow of a tree, she crawls out and wanders the forest at night looking for human warmth. She reaches an opening in the forest where she dances her Onibaba dance, which builds gradually in speed and strength into a dynamic and climatic dance.
The first version of Onibaba was presented in Mexico City and Xalapa for International Solo Dance Festival in March 2000. The second version was presented at Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto for the Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists in August 2000. The new full-length work is now being presented in the Artword Alternative.

About the Performers
 Meiko Ando, a Toronto-based dancer and choreographer, graduated from University of Waterloo with a BA in dance in 1987, studied at Toronto Dance Theatre, and went to Tokyo to perform as a Butoh dancer and to research Japanese traditional arts for three years. Since returning to Toronto in 1993, she has been an independent professional dancer / choreographer participating in festivals and presenting her solo works at theatres in Toronto, Tokyo, Montreal, Quebec, Mexico City and Xalapa. Meiko explores new languages of choreography, influenced by Butoh dance. She develops the relation of movement with textures, light design and sculpture and collaborates with musicians and visual artists. Her choreography has a simple structure which submerges the viewer in a surreal atmosphere of legends and rituals. She is also inspired by rites of passage in Nature’s life cycle.
 Roderick Zalameda is a Quebec-based composer / guitarist who has experience in soundtrack music for film, multimedia performances and theatre. His musical playing style ranges from ambient soundscapes to heavy tribal rhythms. He can be heard on such films as Twisted Sheets, Tops and Bottoms, Rail Rushes and CDs Sola and Difference.
 Go Hirano, who performs on violin, piano and percussion, contributed to the composition. Tokyo-based, he composes film scores and performs in the international new music and improvised music scene.
 Judith Sandiford, a visual artist, developed and manipulates projections that create a mysterious and changing environment for the performers, and collaborated with Meiko on design.