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March 25 to April 5, 2009
An Artword Theatre Production

a new play by Charly Chiarelli

An irreverent look at Hamilton through the eyes of Charly Chiarelli,
who grew up in the Sicilian North End.
Charly comes back and finds that life is a "sunamabeach".

written and performed by Charly Chiarelli
directed by Ronald Weihs
produced and designed by Judith Sandiford

Wed at 8:00 pm: all tickets $10
Thurs, Fri & Sat at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 3:00 pm: $20 reg / $15 std/sen
To reserve, call Artword's office 905-548-0341
performed at The Pearl Company, 16 Steven Street, Hamilton

From March 25 to April 5, 2009, Artword presents Charly Chiarelli’s new show Sunamabeach, the latest in the continuing saga of a Sicilian in Hamilton. Charly's first two shows Cu’Fu? and Mangiacake, originated at Artword Theatre in Toronto, and were directed and dramaturged by Ronald Weihs.

An irreverent look at Hamilton through the eyes of Charly Chiarelli, who grew up in the Sicilian North End. Charly comes back and finds that life is a "sunamabeach".

Sunamabeach is also the third show in Charly's trilogy of tales of a Sicilian in Canada. All three shows have been developed by Artword Theatre with Charly and directed by Ronald Weihs.

The first in the trilogy was Cu'Fu? (So Who Did It?), a hilarious and touching one-man show about growing up Sicilian in Hamilton. "Cu'Fu?" - "So who did it?" - is a Sicilian response to bad salami or the origin of the universe - and most everything in between. These tales of Charly's weird and wonderful family coping with life in a new country, punctuated by his virtuoso blues harmonica, became one of Artword's most-loved show. You don't have to be Sicilian to love Cu'Fu. Everybody loved it.

The second in the trilogy -- Mangiacake! -- tells how an immigrant kid tries to shed his Sicilian identity - only to discover that he wants it back again. Charly comes to terms with his Canadian identity, and goes back to Italy to find his roots, only to discover that he too is - a mangiacake! "Mangiacake", for anyone who hasn't seen Cu'fu?, means "cake eaters". It's what Italians call non-Italians (when they're being nice).

Charly Chiarelli began his career as a performer playing virtuoso harmonica in blues and jazz bands. He was in at the founding of the storytelling movement in Toronto. Initially, he accompanied storytellers with his harmonica, but soon he was telling stories himself, all about his crazy childhood in Hamilton.

Besides repeat runs at Artword Theatre in Toronto, both Cu'Fu? and Mangiacake! have been filmed for Bravo! Television. And Charly has performed the shows all across Canada in numerous venues.

Background: Artword Theatre’s season 2008-2009

Sunamabeach is the third of four productions for the 2008-2009 "Artword @ The Pearl" season. You Are What You Do, an original musical by Ronald Weihs celebrating the lives of working people, launched the season in October 2008 to rave reviews and remounted in December. Rascals and Numskulls (Feb 12 to 22, 2009), a now original work written and directed by Ronald Weihs, tells the thrlling adventures of Robert Land spy for the British in the American Revolution, friend of Mohawk leader Joseph Brant, United Empire Loyalist, first white settler in Hamilton, performed by the Artword Theatre Ensemble, with music by Gary Santucci. Tobacco Troubadour, a new play based on the songs and stories of J.P. Riemens (of J.P.Riemens and The Barflies), about growing up in Ontario’s tobacco country and its lively dance hall scene, is scheduled for April 16 to 26, 2009.

Background: Artword Theatre and The Pearl Company

Artword Theatre, the creative team of director Ronald Weihs and designer Judith Sandiford, has been producing original theatre since 1993. Until 2006, Weihs and Sandiford operated a facility (Artword Theatre and Artword Gallery) in downtown Toronto, when their theatre was closed to make way for a condo. After 12 years in downtown Toronto, Artword has pulled up stakes, moved to Hamilton and teamed up with Gary Santucci and Barbara Milne at The Pearl Company.

The Pearl Company is an arts and performance facility owned by guitarist and composer Gary Santucci and arts activist Barbara Milne, located at 16 Steven Street in the heart of the Landsdale neighbourhood of downtown Hamilton. Renovated in 2006, the facility has devoted two of its three floors to the arts. The Pearl Company has launched a number of arts initiatives, including the well-known Art Bus two Fridays a month, the Opus Mundi Festival, theatre workshops and productions, concerts and events and outdoor festivals. For more information about The Pearl Company, visit