Echo and Narcissus:
A mirror for our time

Conceived and directed by Ronald Weihs
Performed by Hedy Minten and Michael Du Maresq
March 21-23, 1996

Echo and Narcissus: A mirror for our time

An Artword work-in-progress presentation. A 20th C. look at the Greek legend of the woman Echo who becomes only a voice surrounding us, and the man Narcissus who falls in love with his own reflection. Two dancers, Hedy Minten and Michael Du Maresq, perform a retelling of Ovid's story, with electronic music and a collage of computerized sounds and images. Is our sense of self distorted and manipulated by cultural media around us? Have we become obsessed by images of the icons of desire? Have we lost the ability to communicate with someone else?

A collaboration conceived and directed by Ronald Weihs, choreographed and performed by Hedy Minten and Michael Du Maresq, with recorded electronic music by Eugene Martynec, and a visual and sound collage assembled by Alex Babytsch.

Ronald Weihs, director and playwright, founded Artword Theatre in 1993. In addition to concerts and multi-disciplinary events, the theatre has produced three full-length productions: Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde (1995), a theatrical treatment of Chaucer with piano score; me2 (1994), a play based on stories by Alberto Moravia; and Mama Says You Are What You Do (1994), a musical by Weihs. Artword also produces the Artword Festival of the Human Voice (how many ways to tell a story?). As a playwright, Ronald Weihs in known in Toronto for The Wobbly, a collaboration with George Luscombe at TPW and The Beavers, for Native Earth and Theatre Resource Centre; and in BC for Hands Up! (The Bill Miner Story) for Caravan Stage Company. He wrote and directed the musical Highball! that toured logging communities in BC.

Hedy Minten is an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher in Toronto who has made her mark through works of committed intensity and has been described as "singular in her subtle expressiveness." (Dance Connection Magazine). This is her second collaboration with Ronald Weihs -- she choreographed and played the role of Criseyde in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde in 1995.

Michael Du Maresq is an independent dancer/choreographer based in Toronto. He presented his latest works Homopoly (at Dancers for a Small Stage) and Treading Light (at the '95 Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists) to critical acclaim. He looks forward to working with more theatre artists in the future.