What colour is your hair?

Part 1

My mother told me this story. She and I were on a train. I was about 2 years old. We were probably travelling from Sarnia, where my father had a war job of some sort, to Toronto, where my grandmother lived. I was restless and was standing in the aisle. One row up on the other side of … Read the rest

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Ron and Judith in Italy 2021: Part 1 – Fiumicino and Venezia

Fiumicino – November 22 to 24

To Venezia

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The pandemic is the medium

When it started, I thought the interruption would be short. Life would revert. We’d get back to the headlong insanity that we called normal.

A year has passed, and that once-vivid world is just another memory. Like university.

Like that summer vacation, when you couldn’t wait to go back next year. Like Humphrey Bogart saying “we’ll always have Paris”.

Remember … Read the rest

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The Pardoner and his Tale, Jan 19 2021

Today (January 19, 2021) everyone in the U.S. is busy guessing who will be on the pardon-list of that outgoing guy. The official list will be documented here: https://www.justice.gov/pardon/pardons-granted-president-donald-trump#Jan202021

Meanwhile, let’s find out how a person who Pardons does it. Geoffrey Chaucer’s character The Pardoner, and his tale in The Canterbury Tales (1387) come to mind. A Pardoner was … Read the rest

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