Artword Theatre since 2008

A poster of Artword Theatre’s projects in Hamilton since 2008. We closed our most recent live project (“Walter” starring Sean Emberley) on March 14, 2020, due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile we continue to add videos of our shows on the Artword Theatre Youtube Channel.

Scroogissimo! on YouTube

Scroogissimo for Christmas: Free YouTube Premiere, December 11, 7:00 pm. Scroogissimo launches on the Artword Theatre Channel on YouTube on December 11 at 7:00 pm. Ron has finally finished editing the video of Scroogissimo, shot and recorded by Gabe Etele at Artword Artbar on December 13, 2018. It was a great performance, and the video … [Read more…]

Judith and Ron nominees for City of Hamilton Arts Awards 2021

… And the winner is Tom Wilson, Hamilton local hero, musician and artist. “2021 Arts Awards Short List: Lifetime Achievement Award nominees Judith Sandiford & Ronald Weihs. Judith Sandiford, an artist and designer, and Ronald Weihs, a playwright and director, have been creating original theatre and promoting the arts for thirty years. Their projects include … [Read more…]

Final concert Hill Brothers videos

Artword Artbar closed it doors forever just before Covid slammed into our lives. Talk about timing! November 17, 2019, the Hill Brothers Bluegrass Band played our final concert to a sellout crowd. The musicianship is brilliant: Randal Hill (mandolin), Rocky Hill (guitar), Tim McDonald (banjo), Greg Street (bass). Videos of that final concert are now on the Artword … [Read more…]

Charly’s Piano now up on Youtube!

Artword Theatre’s production of Charly’s Piano, performed by Charly Chiarelli is now up on the Artword Theatre Youtube channel. This 60-minute version was performed in the 2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival, and videoed on July 25, 2019. Watch Charly’s Piano on Artword Theatre Youtube channel Charly’s Piano is written by Charly Chiarelli and Ronald Weihs, directed by Ronald Weihs, with songs by Charly Chiarelli. Ronald … [Read more…]

What’s up with Artword Theatre?

* We’re both working on several projects. * We mostly stay at home (we’re fine). * Artword Theatre’s online “Walter” is doing well, many likes and over 500 views. * Ron is busy acquiring many new skills to create on-line video theatrical projects. * We’re both paying attention, in different ways, to the strange world … [Read more…]