MacBush, the Musical, Apr 26-May 8, 2016

Tuesday April 26 to Sunday May 8, 2016, a two-week run at Artword Artbar. MacBush, the Musical, by David L. Dawson and directed by Ronald Weihs, is a new musical play that is — yes, you guessed it — a mash-up of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the George ‘Dubya’ Bush administration during 2001/9/11 and the War on Iraq.
   G. Dubya and his sidekicks Dickie, Rummy, Condi and Coley sing jaunty show tunes while they plan tactics of ‘shock and awe’. Songs sung by a soldier and an Iraqi woman reveal other viewpoints. With guest appearances by ‘Saddam Hussein’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden’ and ‘Ahmadinejad’ as witches, who have some chilling prophecies about our now current world crisis.


Macbush the Musical, 04/2016

Performed by a cast of seven accomplished singer-actors in the Artword Theatre Ensemble:

Jamila B. as Condi 
Sean Emberley
as George Dubya 
Will Gillespie as Rummy, witch Saddam and a soldier
Allan Merovitz
as Dickie

Macbush the Musical, 04/2016

Shavini Fernando as Iraqi woman, and chorus

Macbush the Musical, 04/2016

Jon-Gordon Odegaard as witch Osama and chorus
Jay Shand
as Colin, witch Ahmadinejad, and chorus


Book and lyrics by David Laing Dawson.
Music by Charles W. Humphreys.
Directed by Ronald Weihs.
Music direction by Tim Nijenhuis.
Design by Judith Sandiford.
Movement by Learie Mc Nicolls
Photos by Adam Carter
Produced by Artword Theatre and Gallery on the Bay.

April 26 to May 8, Tuesday to Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 2:30,
Reservations:  905-540-8532,
and 905-543-8512


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