Fringe BYOV: Charly’s Piano, nine shows July 18 – 27

July 18 to 28, 2019: Artword Artbar BYOV hosts three plays in the Hamilton Fringe Festival. Tickets: $12 (Fringe Backer Button required)
Advance Tickets:
Charly’s Piano, performed by Charly Chiarelli, written by Charly Chiarelli and Ronald Weihs, directed by Ronald Weihs, songs by Charly Chiarelli.
Charly’s Piano tells the true tale of Charly as a young hippie looking for work in Toronto in 1972. He gets a job in a psychiatric hospital, and organizes a fundraising concert by patients and doctors to buy a piano.
Running time: 60 minutes.
18 Jul Thu: 9:00 pm,
19 Jul Fri: 7:00 pm,
20 Jul Sat: 9:00 pm,
21 Jul Sun: 7:00 pm,
23 Jul Tue: 9:00 pm,
24 Jul Wed: 7:00 pm,
25 Jul Thu: 9:00 pm,
26 Jul Fri: 7:00 pm,
27 Jul Sat: 9:00 pm