Artword Theatre in Toronto

1994-1999: Ronald Weihs and Judith Sandiford created the first version of Artword Theatre in 1994, in a second floor studio in an old factory building on Portland Street in downtown Toronto. It was there that they began their unique blend of original theatre, music and dance concerts, spoken word and storytelling events.

1999-2006: In 1999, with the help of supportive landlords, and some visionary policies of the City of Toronto, they created a major performance space: a 150-seat mainspace and a 60-seat studio theatre. There they developed their own original works of theatre, and provided a home to many of the best independent theatre companies in Toronto. The sale of the building in 2006 to a condo developer forced the pair to wind down abruptly. Here is the link to the archive website for Artword Theatre 1994 to 2007

2007-2009: Weihs and Sandiford moved to Hamilton in 2007. In 2007-2008 they prepared and presented If Cows Could Fly by Allan Merovitz at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre in Ottawa. Full houses every night in the middle of a blizzard.