What is Artword?

What is Artword?

This is the original statement of purpose from 1993. We have maintained these principles ever since. The first core value is our way of affirming that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, will find support and encouragement.

Artword is based on the principle that the people who do the work should make the decisions. In the arts, this means that artists should create and control their own artistic environment and products. Artword was created by artists who believe in the importance of the arts to the rest of the human community.

Artword’s Mission:

To provide an environment for artists to create the best work of which they are capable and to share that work with the Canadian public.

Core values:
  1. We treat everyone equitably and with respect.
  2. We maintain a positive, humane and nurturing environment for artistic creation.
  3. We treat our audience with respect, presenting work that is relevant and appealing to them.
  4. As artists, we embrace the risks and the responsibilities for what we produce.
  5. We respect and encourage a wide variety of artistic expression.
  6. We strive to build a spirit of community among artists.
  7. We believe that all the arts and creative processes should work with one another.
  8. We present work that we believe in, that affirms the human spirit, that embodies artistic energy and commitment, and that strives to improve the human condition.