1993 t0 1998

Artword Theatre main productions from 1993 to 1998

New Choreography by Michael Du Maresq
Dancing Barefoot with Patti
featuring Leanne Dixon, based on Patti Smith’s poetry
April 15-18, 1998

Homo Habilis: Man Good With His Hands
written and performed by Andrew Kelm
March 19-April 4, 1998

A new chamber opera in progress
Music by William Beauvais, libretto by Judith Sandiford and Ronald Weihs
December 6 & 7, 1997

Judith Merril’s science fiction classic
Whoever You Are
Written and directed by Ronald Weihs
November 11-30, 1997

The Age of Dorian
a musical adaptation
of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray
Music and adaption by Greg Morrison
Directed by Sandra Balcovske
May 2-17, 1997

Circus Gothic
Written and performed by Jan Kudelka
March 12-30, 1997

The Lecture
Written and performed
by Linda Brokenshire
Directed by John Turner
April 17-27, 1997

Cu’Fu? (So who did it?)
A Sicilian’s response to life perplexing moments
written and performed by Calogero (Charly) Chiarelli
Directed by Ronald Weihs
April 11-28, 1996 and remounted for
an extended run Sept. 20 – Dec 15, 1996

The 2nd Artword Festival of the Human Voice
How many ways to tell a story?
15 performers, 10 events in double-bills
May 8-18, 1996

Echo and Narcissus:
A mirror for our time
Conceived and directed by Ronald Weihs
Performed by Hedy Minten and Michael Du Maresq
March 21-23, 1996

(Mon Village)
an evening with le groupe Bassan
from Africa’s Ivory Coast
November 7-19, 1995

Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde
Scripted and directed by Ronald Weihs
Original music by Timothy Minthorn
June 22-July 9, 1995

The Artword Festival of the Human Voice
How many ways to tell a story?
23 performers, 12 events in double-bills
May 24-June 10, 1995

Women, Gods, Beasts, Love
a theatre piece by cellist Brenda Muller, flautist
Laurie Glencross, actress Randi Helmers
Feb 23-26, 1995

a new theatre work based on short stories by Alberto Moravia
with Mhairi Fyfe, music by Archie Hughes
directed by Ronald Weihs
July 7-24, 1994

Mama Says: You Are What You Do
A musical play written and directed by Ronald Weihs
March 10 to 27, 1994