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Nice Comments from Reviews

“Right now, there’s a delightful little show being performed by Artword Theatre. Happily, it provides a lusty connection with Hamilton’s past. It’s called James Street, and it pays homage to a neighbourhood that’s just evolved and evolved. It’s a love song to Hamilton…” Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator

“Over its 10-year existence, the Artbar became a hub for artists to develop their skills and for audiences to experience a wide range of music, theatre and dance. Weihs and Sandiford did much to develop local talent and build audiences.” Mark McNeil, Hamilton Spectator

” ‘Scroogissimo!’ doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a delightful evening of holiday entertainment. It works splendidly in the intimate space at the Artbar and you’d have to be a Scrooge yourself not to be captivated by its endearing charm.” Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator

“This play [James Street] has the ability to tell our story and to entertain us mightily at the same time. I recommend it to anyone who cares about this city. Artword Artbar is a great place to see it. It’s an intimate venue, where every seat is a good one. The stage is a comfortable height, and the actors at times inhabit the audience part of the floor as well. The proprietors have an obvious love of their city and make an effort to present and celebrate it in their productions. Their respect for their patrons shows in every detail, from the LED-style stage lighting (to reduce excess heat build-up in the room) to the bright, clean washrooms, to the craft-style beer on tap at reasonable prices, plus a very welcoming vibe.” Tony Kilgannon, Ontario Arts Review

[The Man in the Vault] “…a play that had me on the edge of my seat, like an unproduced Twilight Zone episode scripted by a young John Le Carré.” Mark Fenton, Raise the Hammer

[Whoever You Are] “As Private Fromm, Pamela Gardner uses her aerial skills to great effect, tumbling and twisting to suggest the weightlessness of space. It was magnetic to watch her mimic movement in zero gravity while images of a space capsule floated gently behind her. When I heard that Whoever You Are would feature an aerialist, I was surprised. The Artbar is modestly sized with a relatively low, drop ceiling. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and the folks at Artbar have plenty of heart. Throughout, Artbar cofounder Judith Sandiford captains the sound, projection and lighting cues in quietly capable fashion.” Allison Jones, View Magazine